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So, why solar products? What are they, and how can they help improve your green home energy?

As the name implies, solar products use the power and heat from the sun to help generate energy for the home.

Our Tier 1 Solar panels are covered with an insurance backed 25 year guarantee for your peace of mind and full details of this can be found on our products page.

Renewable energy like solar, wind, and geothermal power are able to generate electricity without depleting natural resources. These natural energies are infinite sources of energy. If installed and utilized properly and strategically, renewable energy can supply the whole world with clean electricity.

Solar energy, like all green energy, produces relatively small amounts of greenhouse gases or GHG, one of the major factors to the thinning of the ozone layer. It reduces the carbon footprint in all sectors. The utilization of alternative energy also promotes the production of low carbon technology products such as LED-powered lights, low-carbon appliances, and hybrid cars.

Solar power systems are not only able to generate and supply power to residential users, it also allows end-users to modify their electricity usage. This is made possible by a two-way smart grid system between the main power supplier and the consumer. When your solar power system generates excess energy, the power meter turns backwards. An inverter is necessary, as it will be the one to match the incoming main supply. When such favourable conditions occur, your electricity supplier pays you back for the excess energy generated by the solar power system.

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